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100 YEARS is an evening work inspired by the novel One Hundred Years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Through a contemporary perspective, the work visualizes abstract narratives of Power, Conflict, Cynicism, and Change. Referencing current and past world events to comment on the repetition of history. While creating a world where fiction becomes forms of fact, and where facts become uncertain. The evening explores our cognitive development through moments of pleasure and conflict, and brings attention to the fragility of our minds through the continues adaptation of aging and time. 


Mai  20, 2022

Opéra de Massy

Massy, France

Concept and Direction

Alba Castillo and Bryan Arias 


Sara Angelucci, Laetitia Kohler,

Clémentine Herveux, Toschkin Schalnich, Nicolas Roger Frau, Mario Fuchs, Beth Andrew, Kevin Au, Silje Vereide, Orí Harmelin,

Alba Castillo, Bryan Arias,

Sound composition 

Snorkel Rabbit

Light Design 

Lukas Marian 


Snorkel Rabbit

Technical direction 

Lukas Marian


Snorkel Rabbit Company


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