Remember me, like this utilizes improvisational tasks to analyze our intuitive and intellectual responses to past experiences. Investigating ways in which these past events affect our personal and collective connection as well as bring meaning to our lives. The composition explores themes of fear, courage, mortality and acceptance.


July 18, 2019

National Centre for the Performing Arts

Beijing, China


Best Choreography & Audience Choice

Beijing International Choreography Competition


Concept and Direction

Alba Castillo

In Collaboration With

Lisa Horten-Skilbrei & Bryan Arias


Beth Andrews, Silje Vereide, Kevin Au.

Lisa Horten-Skilbrei, Alba Castillo,

Bryan Arias

Sound composition 

Snorkel Rabbit

Light Design 

Lukas Marian 


Alba Castillo

Technical direction 

Lukas Marian


Snorkel Rabbit Company

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