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Snorkel Rabbit is a contemporary dance company founded by choreographers Alba Castillo and Bryan Arias. The company is based in Basel, Switzerland, and is currently the resident company of Opéra de Massy.

Snorkel Rabbit’s work portrays a realistic view of the modern world while adding theatrical elements, often dealing with the blurring of lines between fantasy and reality. Examining notions of identity through dream like settings. With its unique collective, the company formulates a distinct and diverse contemporary movement language for every production. Using a fusion of dance styles as a means of storytelling and immersing the audience into the body of work. 

The company seeks to innovate and evolve the way audiences experience dance. Creating productions that aim to deepen the relationship on and off stage through open rehearsals, pre-show movement workshops, and post performance discussions.

Snorkel Rabbit is committed to collaboration, curiosity, innovation and community. Like all art, dance creates, provokes and inspires an open space for dialogue towards an inclusive society. Everyone 

deserves to experience the pleasure of art, and now more than ever we need channels of expression to help us examine the world.

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