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PARADIS  is a thought-provoking evening production inspired by the French film "Les Enfants du Paradis" and its exploration of the impact of war on humanity, as well as the recurring nature of conflict. Serves as a powerful reminder of the human capacity for growth, empathy, and transformation. Through the universal language of dance, it encourages the audience to reflect on the consequences of historical mistakes and the importance of breaking free from destructive patterns. By learning from the past, we can aspire to create a more peaceful and harmonious future.


May  25, 2023

Opéra de Massy

Massy, France

Concept and Direction

Alba Castillo and Bryan Arias 


Toschkin Schalnich, Anthony Ramiandrisoa, Bo Jacobs, Giusy FanaroCarlos Kerr J., Nicole Ratti 

Alba Castillo

Sound composition 

Snorkel Rabbit

Light Design 

Lukas Marian 


Snorkel Rabbit

Technical direction 

Lukas Marian


Snorkel Rabbit Company


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